Atomic clock watches

While quartz movements and automatic setups dominate the watch world and marketplace, atomic watches and atomic clocks are coveted and beloved by many watch lovers in the know.

Radio-controlled watches with the power of NASA at their disposal, solar atomic watches offer unique features and an atomic timekeeping function that promises the most accurate time on Earth. Most watches require a periodical battery change or regular maintenance at a local watch shop. With the right radio-controlled watch on your wrist, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

So, what exactly is a solar atomic watch? Are radio signals safe for an everyday watch? Do they have any drawbacks compared to battery-powered timepieces?

To help answer these questions and many more, we’ve created this informative and thorough primer on atomic clocks and watches. From digital watches to those with an analog face, we’re here with the lowdown on these precise timekeeping gems.

What is an Atomic Time watch?

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive World Time Atomic Timekeeping Watch  with Day/Date, AT9010-52E: Watches

The technology that goes into crafting an atomic time watch is extremely complex and nuanced. To sum it up in less dense terms, atomic watches and atomic clocks measure the oscillations of a caesium-133 atom to determine the exact length of a second with very little to no variance.

To ensure that you receive the correct time without fail, an atomic clock measures the number of caesium oscillations that occur in a particular second — 9,192,631,770 oscillations, to be exact. An atomic clock measures how electrons move and react between different energy levels. To do so, they attempt to cool the atoms down to nearly absolute zero to slow them and make them easier to read for exact time measurements.

American atomic watches such as the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive World Time Atomic Timekeeping Watch receive a radio signal from the atomic clock stationed in Fort Collins, Colorado. So, while your atomic watch itself isn’t doing all the heavy lifting to display the precise time, solar watches like the Citizen beauty above go about receiving signals from the Fort Collins atomic clock daily.

How accurate is an atomic watch?

CASIO Wave Ceptor MULTIBAND 6 WVQ-M410-1AJF Analog Wrist Watch (Japan  Import): Watches

Atomic watches promise the most accurate time of any watch currently available for sale today. Whether you choose a state-of-the-art atomic watch with fancy add-ons like a digital compass, or a more humble budget option, you can expect a timepiece with a timekeeping style second to none.

No matter what quality of watch you buy, all watches experience some level of clock drift over their lifespan. It’s just gonna happen. But when you purchase atomic watch models, you basically can go to sleep at night knowing your clock is going to keep its time for as long as you own it. Atomic watches and atomic clocks only drift about a single second every 100 million years.

Quartz watches drift much quicker than that, and mechanical watches even more so. Most people won’t live long enough for an atomic watch like the Casio Wave Ceptor to drift by even a single millisecond. That’s how on point they are in regards to accuracy.

Do atomic watches still work? Stauer Men's Titanium Atomic Watch: Watches

While American atomic watches are in danger of losing their synchronization capabilities with the proposed shutdown of the WWV shortwave facility in Fort Collins, they are safe for now. The radio station remains in use despite multiple declarations aimed at cutting its funding.

Don’t throw away your atomic watches, though, if the facility is finally shut down. You’ll lose the ability to automatically sync a timepiece like the Stauer Men’s Titanium Atomic Watch to the Colorado atomic clock, but you’ll still be able to manually set it with the help of other atomic clocks around the world.

Are atomic watches dangerous?

Without the help of atomic clocks, the GPS functionality on your phone wouldn’t be a thing. The Internet would lose its synchronization capacity with no atomic clocks, and our knowledge of the universe would be far more limited. Atomic clocks and atomic watches do a lot of good for society as a whole. And they do not harm those who use them.

An atomic watch like the easy-to-read Five Senses Atomic Talking Watch for Seniors receives radio signals and doesn’t send them. They have about as much chance of harming you as your own battery-powered boombox or Sony Walkman. That’s to say, they won’t harm you at all.

Do American atomic watches synchronize overseas? Atomic Talking Watch,Talking Watch for Visually impaired,Quartz  Wrist Watch with Stainless Steel Expanding and Leather Strap,Gift for  Elderly or Blind People (Silver case Leather Strap): Watches

Be sure to synchronize your American atomic watch at home before taking it overseas. While they are some atomic timepieces out there built to receive radio signals from multiple stations across the globe, most atomic watches built for use stateside like the O.TAGE Atomic Talking Watch won’t sync with foreign shortwave atomic radio signals.

However, don’t fret! As we said before, the clock drift of an atomic watch is so negligible that it only takes one synchronization to keep it on point for the rest of its usage life. You don’t need to worry about constantly updating and syncing your atomic watch to the atomic clock in your area. Just set it and forget it!

Are atomic watches affordable? Casio Men's G-SHOCK Japanese-Quartz Watch with Resin Strap,  Black, 22 (Model: GW-2310-1CR): Casio G-Shock: Watches

If the barometer of a good watch for you includes a great deal, you’ll be happy to know that you can find quality atomic watches at affordable prices. You don’t have to break your bank in your search for the best atomic watch. You can find one in a price range that works within your budget.

Take the Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch, for example. This water-resistant, shock-resistant atomic watch can be yours for just over 100 dollars at most retailers. It offers plenty of great Casio add-ons like a countdown time and multiple alarms, and it’s inclusion of a solar-powered movement means you’ll be able to keep it ticking with a little help from an artificial or natural light source.

And to be honest, the Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch is one of many atomic watches that are available for less that $200. From easy-to-ready watches for seniors to serious sports timepieces, you can find a long-lasting atomic watch for less than the price of a current gaming console.

What is the best atomic watch available for sale?

Casio - G-Shock - MT-G Series - Tough Solar Powered Dual World Time Analog  Steel Watch - MTGS1000V-1A: Watches -

In our opinion, the Casio G-Shock Dual World Time Tough Solar Atomic Watch is the atomic timepiece that sets the bar. While the extra cost may scare some people off, the durability and versatility of this Casio standout makes it well worth the money. It’s water resistant, completely shock resistant, and features multi-band atomic timekeeping that works in several countries and regions around the globe. No matter what time zone you’re in, this tough solar atomic watch has your back.

A solar-charging beast with a Daylight Savings on/off function, Casio went all out to provide customers with the perfect balance of G-Shock toughness and atomic clock accuracy. Add in a sapphire crystal dial window and great Casio features like a countdown timer, and this is a fantastic get for atomic watch fans in all different time zones. After all, G-Shocks are one of the world’s most beloved active watches for a reason.

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