Best Hybrid Watches for Women

A mixture of classing analog watch design and smartwatch capabilities, the top hybrid watches for women are marvels of both style and substance. Regular smartwatches may have more added applications and connected technologies to work with, but hybrid watches provide a more stylish look and better battery life compared to their more tech-focused counterparts.

One of the great things about most hybrid watches for women is that they are usually very focused on fitness and overall health tracking. They usually have a watch face that balances touchscreen ease of use and analog beauty, but there’s also a host of added benefits including an accurate heart rate monitor system, activity tracking, and sleep analysis.

And you may pay an exorbitant amount for things such as heart rate monitor technology in other gadgets, but some of the best hybrid watches for those ladies who are fitness focused offer the technology at a really affordable price point!

Rather than leaving you to choose one out of a glut of hybrid time piece options out there, we’ve made things easier with an in-depth countdown of the 7 Best Hybrid Smartwatches For Ladies In 2021. We’ve also included a useful Frequently Asked Questions section to help you narrow your search for the best watch for you.

First, let’s get to our list!

The 7 Best Hybrid Smartwatches For Women In 2021

7) Alpina Horological Smartwatch

Alpina Men's AL-285BS5AQ6 Horological Smart Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch
  • Alpina horological smartwatch with connected Activity and sleep tracking functionalities
  • For ios and android. Powered by motionx. Swiss made
  • Swiss-quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Water Resistant To 330 Feet

Let’s begin with a Swiss-made beauty that melds a beautiful design with impressive phone connectivity and an accurate tracking of you sleep, steps, and overall fitness. While we dinged this gorgeous hybrid watch for a lack of a heart rate monitor or GPS system, its sturdy construction and super precise Swiss-made quartz movement made it an easy pick for inclusion on our countdown. This is a hybrid watch which leans closer to the watch side of things, but the quality of its construction means that it totally works.


Color: Black, Silver

3 Key Features: Accelerometer keeps track of workouts, sleep, steps >> Connects with smartphone app for data tracking on iOS and Android devices >> Genuine Swiss-made watch quality with a smartwatch edge

Battery Life: 24 months of battery before replacement


  • Featuring Swiss-made quality with a bit of smart technology flair, this watch is a good looking and long lasting entry point into the world of hybrid watches.
  • The ease of connecting this watch with your Android or iOS smartphone for workout and health tracking is something to behold.
  • The accuracy of the sleep tracking system is pretty astounding. You can learn a lot about your sleep patterns and make needed adjustments based on the data you procure.


  • There is no GPS system to work with.
  • There is also no heart rate monitor included with this watch. These two omissions are pretty glaring compared to entries higher on our countdown.

6) Garmin Vivomove 3S Smartwatch

Garmin vivomove 3s, Smaller-sized Hybrid Smartwatch with Real Watch Hands and Hidden Touchscreen Display, Light Gold with Rose Case and Band
  • Hybrid smartwatches with sophisticated analog looks and advanced smart features
  • o Battery life: up to five days in smart mode and an additional week in watch mode (hands tell time only)
  • Stay connected with smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar view and more (with a compatible smartphone)
  • Keeps track of your energy levels, Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition), respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, estimated heart, hydration and more
  • Connects with your compatible smartphone’s GPS to Track outdoor walk or run activities; Includes additional activity profiles such as yoga, strength, cardio and more

The first of two Garmin Vivomove watches on our list, the Garmin Vivomove 3S Smartwatch comes in several colors and designs, has an accurate Garmin GPS system to its credit, and includes a tiny yet responsive touchscreen. We’ve picked the rose gold/lavender design to feature since it simply pops aesthetically and adds a touch of a class unseen in some other hybrid watch offerings. It’s one of the smaller watches on our countdown and has some battery life issues, but there’s a lot here to like.


Color: Rose Gold, Lavender

3 Key Features: Features trackers for heart rate, step counting, sleep, and hydration >> Fully integrated GPS system >> Intuitive stress level tracking system

Battery Life: 5 days in smart mode before charge >> 12 days in watch mode before charge


  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit your own personal style. We may like the rose gold/lavender combo best, but you have other options to choose from.
  • Garmin makes some of the best and most accurate GPS systems out there, and the one included in this watch is no different.
  • A ton of different trackers to work with including a hydration level system which ensures that you have the right amount of fluids to go about your day and workouts.


  • This watch has the worst battery life of any of the seven watches our list. You’ll be charging it pretty constantly, especially if you use the GPS function a lot.
  • The watch is pretty demure and small, so it can be both hard to see at some points and a little bit understated for some folks’ tastes.

5) Kronaby Sekel Smartwatch

Kronaby Sekel 38 Steel Model A1000-0556
  • Silver Stainless Steel strap
  • Stainless-steel case, White dial
  • Quartz movement
  • Case diameter: 38mm
  • Water resistant: 100m

What a looker this one is! The Kronoby Sekel Smartwatch is pretty bare bones when it comes to smartwatch bells and whistles and doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, but it makes up for it with one of the prettiest design schemes on this entire list. In addition, it does have some cool nuances such as a vibration alarm which syncs to your phone and lets you know when you have a notification. You can also control connected home devices with your watch and use a button to activate your phone camera. A little bit of smart tech, a lot of style.


Color: Silver

3 Key Features: Vibration alert lets you know when you have notifications on your smartphone >> Accurate daily step count tracking >> Features IFFFT technology to control smart devices in your home

Battery Life: Two years before battery replacement


  • This is our pick for the prettiest hybrid watch our list, barring one potential exception. It just looks extremely classy and goes well with business casual clothes, dress clothes, and even workout clothes.
  • We love the added IFFFT technology for operating smart devices around the home. It’s a one-stop shop for smart device connectivity.
  • The added vibration alert for smartphone notifications and for regular alarm use is well constructed and won’t die out over time.


  • There is no heart rate monitor in this watch and the smart device nuances are pretty few and far between compared to other hybrid watches we’ve spotlighted.
  • This is a bit more expensive than some other hybrid watch options, so just know that it’s a bit of an investment.

4) Garmin Vivomove HR Premium Smartwatch

Garmin vIvomove HR, Hybrid Smartwatch for Men and Women, Black with Black Silicone Band, Large
  • Stay connected with smart features such as music controls and smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and more (when paired with a compatible smartphone)
  • Estimates heart rate with Elevate wrist heart rate technology
  • Wellness monitoring tools, such as all day stress tracking and a relaxation timer, help you manage stress; includes advanced sleep monitoring with REM sleep
  • Displays steps, calories, distance, heart rate, intensity minutes and VO2 max
  • Effortlessly change your look with industry standard 20 mm quick release accessory bands

Our pick for the best Garmin hybrid smartwatch available for sale today, the Garmin Vivomove HR Premium Smartwatch comes in several different colors and provides accurate heart rate monitoring and GPS functionality at an extremely cost effective price point. Its inclusion of a small touchscreen display underneath the analog watch hands is pretty ingenious, and the included wellness monitoring system is a real life saver for those who forget to breathe when things get a bit hectic. For those looking for help with fitness and general well being in a hybrid time piece, this is a great option.


Color: Black

3 Key Features: Wellness monitoring system tracks your activity and informs you when you need to alleviate stress >> Constant heart rate monitoring keeps your health and condition at the forefront >> Features a touchscreen display below its analog clock display

Battery Life: 5 days in smart mode before charge >> 19 days in watch mode before charge


  • Includes accurate GPS technology and on-point heart monitoring for the ultimate workout and fitness companion.
  • Dual analog/touchscreen display is well designed and gives you the best of both worlds in a well-constructed watch.
  • The added wellness monitoring system is super helpful and works when you don’t even realize it is. Once your stress levels peak past a healthy level, it will remind you to step back and focus on self care.


  • The battery life of this watch is on the short end of the stick for hybrid time pieces. You’re going to have to charge it regularly to keep it going.
  • The small touchscreen display can be a bit hard to see for those with visual impairments and a bit hard to navigate for those with dexterity issues.

3) Withings Move ECG Smartwatch

Withings Move - Activity Tracking Watch, 38mm, Black & Yellow, Model:3700546705441
  • 24/7 SEAMLESS TRACKING - Automatic walk, run, swim, bike & 10+ activities recognized. Plus calories burned & distance.
  • SLEEP TRACKING - Wake to a Sleep Score based on light & deep sleep cycles, interruptions, depth & regularity, Smart Wake-Up with a silent alarm.
  • CONNECTED GPS - Launch a workout via the side button and after your session get a route map in Health Mate with distance, elevation and pace.Silicone wristband
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Visualize trends and data on your smartphone with the free Health Mate app (iOS and Android️).
  • GOES THE DISTANCE - Up to 18 month battery life and water resistant up to 50m.

If you’ve ever gone to the doctor for an ECG, you know just how expensive such a procedure can be. Enter the Withings Move ECG Smartwatch — a cost-efficient hybrid which easily and accurately measures the electrical functions within your heart. One of two fantastic offerings from Withings on our countdown, this little budget wonder gives you a lot of bang for you buck. In addition to the ECG function, you also can track your sleep and do an analysis of how your body responds to a variety of different exercises. One of the best values for the money on this list.


Color: Black

3 Key Features: Offers an accurate electrocardiogram feature for a very reasonable price >> connects to Health Mate smartphone app for easy data retrieval and tracking on iOS and Android >> offers sleep monitoring and tracking services for swimming, walking, and running

Battery Life: 18 months before battery replacement


  • The inclusion of an electrocardiogram feature is absolutely bonkers considering the price of this watch. You would pay well over the price of this model for a single ECG at a doctor or hospital.
  • There are several different silicone straps you can pick for this watch to ensure a good fit and great comfort.
  • The tracking services are accurate by design and work perfectly in concert with the connected Health Mate smartphone app for Android and iOS devices.


  • The plastic case feels a bit flimsy and doesn’t quite stack up in the durability department to other watches on this list.
  • To procure the ECG function, you have to pay about three times the price of a standard Withings Move watch.

2) Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch

Mondaine Helvetica Smart MH1.B2S20.LB Smartwatch Mens Watch 44mm - Smartwatch Black Leather Strap 30m Waterproof Sapphire Crystal
  • Choosing the Helvetica font as a muse, with its quintessentially Swiss values and style, has enabled the creation of a time-tested yet hamonious watch collection. Just like the type font, Mondaine Helvetica is discreet, yet strong in the conviction of providing efficient time-keeping in a tempered recognizable form.
  • Technical Specifications: 30 meters / 100 feet / 3 ATM waterproof, Extreme robust sapphire crystal glass, buckle clasp
  • Details: Case diameter 44 mm, Case thickness 13 mm, Band width 20 mm, Stainless steel case with black rubber band and black dial
  • Trusted Quality and Warranty: Made in Switzerland, officially imported by Mondaine Watch Ltd. This watch has got 2 years of guarantee. In case of any defect or need of battery change get in contact with an authorized Luminox dealer. Contact us to find a dealer near

A real beauty of minimalist design and maximized function, the Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch hearkens back to Mondaine’s work on the iconic clocks of the Swiss railroad system. Hidden underneath its awe-inspiring design is a really on-point smart devices which tracks your sleep, activities, and steps with no hassle. You can even use the MMT smartphone app to sift through all the information it provides and even work with a virtual coach on bettering your health and workout form. Balancing an attractive aesthetic with some of the more impressive inclusions on this list, this almost picked up our #1 spot but missed by a hair.


Color: Black

3 Key Features: Sleep tracking and activity tracking syncs perfectly with MMT smartphone app on iOS and Android >> Smaller dial keeps track of your daily step goal progress >> connected smartphone app gives you access to a virtual workout coach

Battery Life: At least 24 months before battery replacement


  • The quality of this Swiss-made stunner simply cannot be denied. This watch is both extremely durably and extraordinarily precise at both timekeeping and fitness tracking.
  • The sleep and activity tracking systems are really well done and simple to understand. You won’t have to look at the manual to figure out what’s going on.
  • From a purely aesthetic standpoint, this watch stands out from the crowd. The way it looks on your wrist, you can basically wear it with anything without worrying about it clashing.


  • The MMT Smartphone application which pairs with this watch has some useful inclusions to its credit, but it’s pretty bare bones compared to other connected applications on this list.
  • There is no heart rate monitor to speak of with this watch.

And our pick for the best hybrid smartwatch for women is…

1) Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch (40mm) - Activity, Sleep, Fitness and Heart Rate Tracker with Connected GPS, Smart Notifications, Water Resistant with 25-Day Battery Life
  • DAY & OVERNIGHT HEART RATE - Enjoy heart rate tracking day & night plus continuous tracking during workouts.
  • DAILY ACTIVITY TRACKING - Automatically counts steps, calories and distance.
  • AUTOMATIC SLEEP MONITORING - Wake to a Sleep Score based on light & deep sleep cycles, interruptions, depth & regularity.
  • MULTISPORT TRACKING -Delivers Fitness Level via VO2 max estimation | Tracks 30+ sports and maps your session with distance, elevation, and pace via connected GPS
  • RECORD BATTERY LIFE - Spend more time moving and less time charging with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 days.

The second and best entry from Withings Steel on our countdown, the Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch is also our pick for the best hybrid time piece available for ladies right now. For those who are serious about fitness and pushing towards their goals, there is something for you included in this sleek and sturdy watch superstar. You can estimate your VO2 Max levels, monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, and even conduct an analysis of your activities in 30 different exercises and workouts. Plus, the classic yet updated white dial design really pops with anything you might wear. There is no compromise with this hybrid. It’s simply a fantastic watch and smart device combined.


Color: Black, Gray

3 Key Features: Connected GPS signal works with Withings smartphone app to track workout data>> Features both a VO2 Max estimate and accurate heart rate monitor >> Includes sleep tracking system and tracking data for 30 different types of exercise

Battery Life: Up to 25 days before battery charge


  • The functionality and classic design scheme is impressive on its own, but it’s even more impressive considering just how little this watch costs. What a great bargain!
  • We’re simply floored by all the different tracking capabilities and monitoring systems. Anybody who cares about their health and fitness can get something out of this watch.
  • We really like the Withings smartphone application and the watch itself is really intuitive when it comes to collecting and syncing data with it.


  • There is no GPS system included in the watch itself. It can partner and sync with your phone’s GPS system, but that will require that your smartphone is charged and ready to go.
  • The strap is breathable but feels a bit odd on bigger wrists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hybrid smartwatches?

Hybrid smartwatches are one of the coolest compromises when it comes to the current world of gadgetry. If you want aspects of smartwatch technology without sacrificing the classic look and feature of a great analog watch, a hybrid smartwatch is definitely worth your consideration. They include features like a working heart rate monitor, a watch face with both touchscreen and analog clock display capabilities, and smart features which track things like calories burned.

One of the cool things about hybrid smartwatches is that they also connect with your phone to provide detailed data on thing such as your sleep quality and stress levels. Full-fledged smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 5 may earn all the plaudits when it comes to the smart device marketplace, the smart features and activity tracking of hybrid smartwatches combine with classic design schemes for something both super fun and useful.

Who has the best smartwatch?

While brands such as Samsung and Apple may stake claim to the crown of best smartwatch manufacturer, our pick for the brand with the best hybrid smartwatches is definitely Withings Steel. There’s a reason why they have two hybrid watch offerings in our the top three of our countdown — the Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch and the Withings Move ECG Smartwatch. With features like sleep tracking, activity tracking, and even an electrocardiogram in the case of the latter, these are two of the best hybrid smartwatches ever developed.

If you want not only a good hybrid watch, but the best hybrid watch you can buy right now, you can’t go wrong with the quality offerings from Withings Steel. They’re one hybrid watch brand you know won’t let you down.

Are Fossil hybrid watches good?

There are no Fossil hybrid watches on our countdown, but that doesn’t mean they’re not any good. Fossil is one of the best brands when it comes to aesthetic beauty at affordable prices, and their line of hybrid watches are no different. However, they are pretty suspect sometimes when it comes to the general smartwatch features which give the best hybrid watches their allure and juice.

Features such as activity tracking, a watch face with dual functionality, and phone connectivity are present in most models but are flawed in execution. The watch face design of Fossil hybrid watches is usually pretty gorgeous to look at, but there’s a gap between how they look and how they perform compared to the best hybrid watches out there. If you want a good looking hybrid smartwatch that may not give you all the bells and whistles of one of the smartwatches we’ve listed above, they’re definitely good looking time pieces that go with a variety of different outfits.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re search for the perfect hybrid smartwatch which balances features like phone connectivity and heart rate monitor tracking with a classic analog watch face, the seven entries on our list above are a who’s who of the best offerings in the hybrid smartwatch marketplace.

Grabbing one of these amazing hybrid smartwatch standouts will be your next and biggest step towards better fitness and a better, healthier life in general.

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