Best watch for 5000

True luxury watch aficionados aren’t afraid to put their money where their horological love is. However, finding a great deal on a luxury dress or sports watch with key features like a comfy rubber strap or lengthy power reserve is an even better proposition. You might want a sleek, classy timepiece with a clean white …

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Best luminous watches

Some watches glow and some watches light up the night. The difference between a glow-in-the-dark watch and a true luminous watch is power. Some normal watches have luminous markers. Luminous watches go further — be it with an extended light mode, embedded glass capsules called borosilicate glass capsules that add illumination, or even tritium tubes …

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Best emt watch

Emergency medical technicians require the best tools and the best accessories to help them do one of the toughest jobs in the world today. And a key tool in any EMT’s arsenal is a durable watch that’s water-resistant, shock-resistant, and combines outdoor elements and classic watch features into an easy-to-use package. Rest assured, top EMTs …

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Best lume watch

Many watches claim to be luminous watches but fall short with lackluster lume and a notable lack of full dial coverage. A brief history of luminous watches would come with its share of studs and duds, with the typical example usually falling somewhere in the middle of that. From luxury watch offerings crafted by the …

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